About Mpendulo Savings - Make a Donation, Help Us Spread Financial Peace

Make a Donation, Help Us Spread Financial Peace

Donations are most welcome and are used to:

  • Purchase savings kits
  • Cover the cost of savings, financial education and business training
  • Support our overhead costs (rent, local transport to meetings, etc.)

What we do

  • Develop informal financial services by establishing sustainable savings groups
  • Improve household budgeting and debt management of group members through financial education
  • Build capacity amongst group members to engage in small scale businesses

We believe that community managed systems are a more financially healthy alternative to standard microfinance practice, which can create a dangerous reliance on externally managed credit. Borrowing one’s way out of poverty creates debt; Mpendulo prefers to build savings. Click here to learn more about us and what we do.

To make a donation, please use the following banking details.

Banking Details

  • Bank: FNB
  • Account Name: CMSL Community Trust
  • Account Number: 62212474895
  • Generic Branch code: 250655

Donate with Payfast

We also accept donations via Payfast. Here you can safely and securely make charitable online donations to Mpendulo Savings. Simply click on the Donate Button below to make a once-off, or recurring donation.

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